Welcome to the R1r site

The role of R1r (more formally known as the Risborough Area Community First Responder (CfR) Team) is to attend cardiac arrests and other ‘999’ ambulance calls in the Risborough area when tasked by the South Central Ambulance (SCAS) Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) from near Winchester (moved in 2019 from Bicester) .  The British Heart Foundation has assessed that the survivability of a patient in cardiac arrest declines at about 10% a minute if the patient is not provided with effective Basic Life Support as early as possible.  In addition to cardiac arrests R1responders are trained by South Central Ambulance as ‘community first responders’ to attend:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Choking
  • Sepsis
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • Traumatic emergencies (but not road traffic collisions)
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Patients suffering from seizures
  • Chest pains
  • Unconscious patients
  • Infants and children
  • Accidents at home, at work, leisure and sports
  • Falls from any height
  • And any other medical emergencies deemed appropriate for a community volunteer to attend as the first responder

Who are R1r?

We are the un-paid, un-funded volunteer arm of the local ‘999’ NHS Ambulance Service.  R1r started to operate in Jan 2011 with one responder kit and two active responders.  We are now 8 local volunteers who live in around Princes Risborough: currently:

  • Geoff Clark (CfR Area Coordinator)
  • Paul Dollemore
  • Pauline Miles (a recovery nursing sister at a local hospital) 
  • Michael Tock
  • Ali Lewis (Haddenham)
  • Vicki Galvin (Haddenham)
  • Lucy Snelling (Lacey Green)
  • Bradley Whymark (Lacey Green)

Generally speaking we will aim to maintain a cadre of up to 8 or 9 trained responders that are each able to provide and maintain an average of at least 20-hours a month ‘on call’ to the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

What is the R1r aim?

The R1r aim is to respond to the community in and around Princes Risborough as much as possible when tasked by the EOC because we are likely to arrive before an available ‘rapid response’ car or emergency ambulance.   Attending first responders from the community are always backed by a rapid responder or emergency ambulance crew (except for ‘concern for welfare’ calls and ‘non-injury falls.  There are some 8,500 people living in Princes Risborough and another 8,500 or so in the surrounding villages.  Calls can be to patients who live, work, visit and play in the Risborough area.  R1responders are trained by the NHS … are part of the NHS for ‘999’ and other emergency calls … but are not part of the NHS when it comes to money!  Hence our reliance on funding from across the community for the R1r account administered by the South Central Ambulance Charity.  R1r achieved a viable initial capability early in 2014 with 5 trained R1responders, using their own cars, without sirens and without blue lights, and 5 ‘responder kits’.  For 5 years from SCAS insured R1r drivers operated a new ambulance looking Community Response Vehicle (CRV) provided on loan by Risboro’ Garage; the loan of this vehicle ended early in 2020. It is hoped that the South Central Ambulance Charity (SCAC) will supply a SCAC owned replacement in due course. During the pasy year a further local response vehicle (a Freelander 4×4) was allocated to Haddenham which is shared with Brill. This vehicle also is expected to be replaced by a SCAC provided car in due course because of its age.  

The aim from here on is to enhance R1r sustainability, capabilities, responsiveness and resilience for the long-term so that R1r remains a reliable, supported, and respected part of the community in and around the Risborough Area (all of HP27 and surrounding areas now extended to include Haddenham).  List of R1r sponsors from the early days who have helped get R1r to where we are now:


  • Rotary Club of Princes Risborough
  • Kop Hill Climb


  • Mrs Sue Potter
  • Morning WI
  • Mrs M J Solman
  • Mrs Anne Bowe
  • Mrs Margaret West
  • U3A/Community Association Jubilee Talk
  • WDC Community Support Grant (Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown)


  • Princes Risborough Town Council Grant
  • Health & Welfare Group U3A
  • Mrs Shirley Harrison-Taylor
  • Rotary Club of Princes Risborough
  • Avril Neighbour’s ‘Open Garden’
  • Buckinghamshire Community Foundation (Windhill Trust)
  • Avril Neighbour’s ‘Dinner Party’
  • Rita’s Dances
  • Mr Malcolm E Austin


  • Afternoon WI
  • Mrs P Stone
  • Princes Risborough War Memorial Trust
  • Risborough & District Community Association
  • Risborough Rewards Ltd
  • Princes Risborough Town Council Grant
  • Rotary Club of Princes Risborough
  • Avril Neighbour
  • Rita’s Dances


  • Mrs P Stone
  • Rotary Club of Princes Risborough
  • Kop Hill Climb 2014
  • Princes Risborough Town Council
  • The directors of Risboro’ Garage for new 4×4 Community Response Vehicle (CRV)
  • Risborough & District Community Association
  • Mr & Mrs Hussey
  • Wife & Home Club
  • Princes Risborough War Memorial Trust
  • Afternoon WI
  • Invenio Training Ltd
  • Councillor Bill Bendyshe-Brown for Terrafix system in CRV
  • Mike Britnell
  • Rita’s Dances


  • Mrs P Stone
  • ‘Le Cafe’ de la Gare’
  • Risborough & District Community Association
  • Geoff Heyes
  • Michael Brown
  • Risboro’ Garage
  • Princes Risborough Evening WI
  • Avril Neighbour
  • Wife & Home Club
  • Princes Risborough & District Horticultural Society
  • Veronique Guly
  • Rita’s Dances


  • ‘Le Café de la Gare’
  • Risborough & District Community Association
  • Princes Risborough Choral Society
  • Mr K Ebbs
  • International Fire Consultants Ltd
  • Holmer Green Evening WI
  • Mr P Keen
  • Rita’s Dances


  • The Rotary Club of Princes Risborough
  • ‘Le Cafe’ de la Gare’
  • Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ Grant for future kit and phone charges
  • Jordans Village Pig Roast
  • Tuesday Fellowship, The Methodist Church 
  • Michael Berman
  • Rita’s Dances
  • John Vince 


  • ‘Le Cafe de la Gare’
  • Risborough & District Community Association
  • Princes Risborough Evergreen Club
  • Members of Princes Risborough Evergreen Club
  • The Churchill Foundation
  • Princes Risborough Methodist Church


  • Risborough & District Community Association

Please open the other pages for details of:

  • How to join R1r as a R1responder
  • How to donate to the South Central Ambulance Charity: Registered Charity No 1049778
  • Our performance
  • Our Community Response Vehicle (CRV) provided by Risboro’ Garage