Welcome to the former R1r website now providing links for the Risboro’ & Haddenham Area Community First Responder (CfR) Team

The former Risbroro’ 1st responders (R1r) team has grown to be the Risboro’ & Haddenham Area Community First Responders (CfR) Team. The team comprises up to 9 volunteers trained by the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) who live in the HP27 and HP17 postal code areas. CfRs are trained to attend a wide range of medical emergencies ranging from cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, trauma to non-injured falls and concern for welfare amongst others. We attend calls wherever it is assessed that we will arrive in a timely manner before an ambulance crew. Most CfRs attend calls in their private cars. CfR activity is not funded by the taxpayer. CfR activity is dependant totally on donations from communities in the SCAS area.

To learn more about:

  • What CfRs do
  • How to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours a month as a CfR
  • How to help South Central Ambulance Charity (SCAC) fund CfR activity.

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